Why Diginova?

Our values and what we believe is important during a software development project:
  • We are believers in the Agile Manifesto.
  • We believe in the balance between computer science (described in software development books or methodologies) and "the real world".
  • We are a "lifestyle business" and not a startup with ambition to grow and sell the company to the highest bidder.
  • We value experience and we understand the value that a developer with experience brings. We therefore respect their criteria and passion for the work they do.
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Personalized CMS for you only

We can help start your Drupal consulting and development projects applying agile methodologies and with an expert team that is passionate about the use of Drupal.
  • Maintenance / Updates
  • Monitoring and Reports
  • Optimization
  • Project specification
  • Drupal architecture
  • Performance and scalability
  • Security audits
  • Drupal code reviews
  • Design improvements


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